The Tomorrow People (2013-2014): The Loose Ends

Contains Spoilers

The Tomorrow People, yet another sci-fi show based on the 1973 British show of the same name and following genetically mutated ‘homosuperiors’ with paranormal powers, has unreasonably been canceled.

After a shaky and messy first half of the season, the show’s writers upped their game, improved the storyline incredibly and presented one of the better finales of the year and I did not even imagine that ‘The CW’ would not renew the series. However, due to the ratings, the network decided that continuing their more popular, longer-running shows would be a better investment.

I believed the show deserved a definite return and that the network channel are normally very good at keeping shows running for at least a few years for the fanbase, but obviously they believed the complex characters and the amazing visual effects and the talented actors and the interesting concept did not have any potential to upgrade to a second season. It’s actually kind of painful.

Due to it’s cancellation, the show ended on a mini-cliffhanger but, other than that, mercilessly had a plot that was pretty much all tied up with most character futures being obvious and bright. With the most sinister villain of the show presumed dead and the Tomorrow People triumphant, the last episode only created a few minor problems regarding Jedikiah’s secret plans and John’s new, unknown purpose.

Speaking of the show’s finale…

Cara ends up getting shot in the last episode by the annoying and slightly psychotic Natalie to which Stephen gets extremely upset (understandably) and proceeds to turn back time, stopping the shot from being fired. This is a power that we have never seen before. So far, viewers have only seen the Tomorrow People use the powers of telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation, which they nickname “the three T’s”. As early as the “Pilot”, however, Stephen is shown to have more advanced powers of being able to stop time to which Russell declares “what do we call it?” indicating it’s exceptional uniqueness.


Later on in the season Stephen’s father, Roger, is also revealed to have had the same powers of stopping time and is continuously named “the most powerful Tomorrow Person”. And yet, he never manages to rewind time like Stephen ends up doing. In one of the last scenes of the series, Cara declares that, ever since Stephen rewound time and saved her life, she hasn’t felt the same, explaining that she can “still feel it” “it” most probably referring to the bullet that hit her or even death itself.

I believe a season 2 would have involved expanding on this, most probably with Cara’s life being at stake or perhaps questioning if she is really still alive at all. Maybe Stephen created something that is unnatural by saving somebody who should have died. I’m also sure that the writers were planning to expand on Stephen’s manipulation of time and his enhanced powers, as Stephen also manages to send out some sort of telepathic homing signal to other paranormals (who are called “breakouts” when they first start developing powers) leading to masses of them making their way to Cara’s group of Tomorrow People who are based in New York.


It is speculated near the end of the show that Stephen becomes the leader of the paranormals that are following Cara, fulfilling his father’s legacy. Throughout the season, most paranormals were set on being led to “The Refuge”, an unknown yet safe place where homosuperiors could live without the threat of humans. This turned out to be the state of Limbo that only Stephen and his father could get to through stopping time at a moment just before death. Roger was sadly trapped in Limbo for many years, and most of the season, which was due to Roger stopping time just before being killed by John, a fellow Tomorrow Person. John, after being instructed by Jedikiah, Roger’s brother, that Roger needed to die because he was a traitor, believed he had made a mistake by killing him but it was in fact all part of Roger and Jedikiah’s plan to stop The Founder from using Roger’s great powers to create his unethical version of “The Refuge”.

The Founder, the very powerful homosuperior villain who fills the antagonist spot in the second half of the season, planned to enhance Roger’s powers using some sort of machine, which would stop time for humans, basically killing them all, committing genocide and handing the world over to paranormals. The Founder does actually manage to stop time for a while, freezing both Stephen’s human friend, Astrid, and John, who recently had his powers removed by The Founder making him human.

However Stephen obviously saves the day, using his powers, which I think must be stronger than his fathers due to the fact that both of his parents are paranormal (making him a Synergist). Even though Roger forces Jedikiah to kill him in order to try and stop the machine, The Founder still succeeds in his plan by taking Roger’s powers before he dies and Stephen is left to handle the apocalyptic situation by stopping and completely annihilating the machine and banishing The Founder in Limbo. At least, I think thats what happened, it was never really explained. Stephen just, somehow, opened some sort of portal and The Founder gets sucked in along with his beloved machine, so, I’m guessing it was Limbo. That would also mean that, had the show continued, the writers could have brought back The Founder, as he’s technically still alive in some form.


Another element of the series finale, that was the cliffhanger of the show and was left open to interpretation, was Jedikiah and John’s new partnership. Even though, Jedikiah, Stephen’s notorious uncle, seemed to be the heartless villain to begin with, he revealed that it was all to help save both the human race and homosuperiors and is shown to be on the good side for the end of the season, helping his brother, Roger, and the Tomorrow People defeat The Founder. However, this could just be due to the fact that The Founder wanted to kill off the entire human race and Jedikiah, being human, was purely looking out for his own species which is fair enough. This would then explain why he suddenly turns as soon as the panic is over and The Founder is dead. The end scene shows him being sneaky Jed again, very similar to his character at the beginning of the season.

He tricks John into being induced with Roger’s powers which causes painful consequences shown in Cara telepathically hearing John’s screams of pain when he is “breaking out” for a second time. Stephen and Cara are left to wonder how John got his powers back and when we next see John he appears to look and act differently, wearing a posh suit and with slick, brushed hair. He also does not seem to remember Cara, Stephen or Russell which is left open, to be explained in a season 2.


However, Executive Producer, Phil Klemmer, has said that:

“I don’t think [John getting his powers back] can happen without an unintended consequence. I’m a big believer that when you go playing God or trying to outsmart mother nature, there are consequences that you can’t foresee that might be not worth the risk and in the finale and certainly the way we leave things off before season 2, you’re going to see the horrible consequence of our characters trying to play God.”

This statement could mean that Jedikiah’s attempt at regaining John’s powers caused brain damage or memory loss as a consequence. Although, the last scene has Jedikiah acting coolly and calmly suggesting he knew what trying to produce new powers in John would do and it might have even been a part of his plan all along as he smiles at John’s unawareness of everything. Jedikiah reveals that his new project involves super soldiers and due to John being able to kill, which most Tomorrow People do not have the ability to do, it probably involved trying to create paranormals who can kill, a.k.a the perfect soldier. The show finishes with Jedikiah explaining that Cara, now an unknown girl to John, is their first recruit for their super soldier covert government project.


Even though he is sly, clever and manipulative, Jedikiah did love his brother very much so maybe, after he was made to brutally kill Roger in order to save the world, he felt that he had nothing left to live for and the fact that he gives John (who he has a close father and son relationship with) his brother’s powers shows that he wants Roger to live on in John. It’s also never actually verified that Jedikiah planned on using government money and John’s new powers to create murderous assassins and soldiers. It could be that Jedikiah wants to improve the protection of the human race, and maybe even homosuperiors, as he doesn’t want anyone else to die. See, it could all be for a very good cause…but probably not.


Klemmer may have also been indicating Stephen’s attempt at playing God when he manipulated time in order to save Cara and, as Cara reveals, something is not quite right. Another season would have expanded on the repercussions of Stephen over-aiming on the use of his powers or “playing God.”

So, other than Jed and John’s bromance and Cara’s funny feeling, the writers did a very good job at ending the show in case they were not picked up for a second season. Although, there was also Stephen’s mother, Marla, and his younger brother, Luca, whose futures are almost completely unspecified. After his father is captured, Stephen persuades his remaining family to run, getting as far away from The Founder’s machine as possible so that Luca, who is human (for now), does not get killed by the massive time-stopping bomb. It’s just, they don’t seem to return to New York after Stephen saves the world, despite the fact that two weeks had passed between Stephen stopping The Founder and the last scene of the episode. I mean, did Stephen just live in his empty house all alone for that time, without his family, celebrating his victory by himself?


There is also the mysterious question of if Luca is a paranormal like the rest of his family. There was a very high genetic probability that Luca would “break out” and it was hinted on for most of the season but, I suppose, again, season 2 would have given us that.

Adding to the smaller annoyances with the season finale, Astrid just gets abandoned by John so that he can get his powers back and, due to the fact that he’s acting like a broken shell of a person at the end of the episode, I don’t think John would remember Astrid either because of his newly-injected powers. I really liked John and Astrid’s relationship, I mean time literally stops when they kissed in the finale episode (as cheesy as that sounds), and I was fairly disappointed to learn that John is just going to become some sort of loyal soldier to Jedikiah and not live a normal human life with Astrid, which is what they both deserve.


Saying this, overall The Tomorrow People ended on a fairly good note, with most characters stories looking bright. Both Stephen and Cara finally find happiness in each other and, although Jedikiah ruins everything, John and Astrid seemed to be having a really enjoyable time being in a human relationship for at least a little while. The Tomorrow People also finally find their own personal “Refuge” in the abandoned Ultra building, The Founder’s old organisation that hunted and killed paranormals. Ironically awesome is what I say.

Although the mini-cliffhanger annoyed quite a few fans, especially since it happened to John, the character who probably had to take the most crap throughout the season, the show managed to wrap up quite a few of their plotlines very nicely. However, I’m still devastated that it’s not continuing as I think the most appealing part of the show, for me, was the incredible plot twists and surprises along the way. The mid-season finale of Stephen’s mother also secretly being a paranormal, although completely hushed up and glossed over in the rest of the show, was entirely shocking and I thought it was probably the highlight of the season. There was also amazing character deaths that I did not see coming, most prominently the heroic death of Hillary, as well as unusual alliances and unseen traitors.

I still stand by the fact that the first half of the season was predictable, tedious, slow-paced and, for the most part, quite boring. However, it just seemed like the writing and the characters kept getting better and better leading up to the finale which made a big impact on fans this year and I’m glad that I stuck it out and watched the whole season. This show is going to be sadly missed.


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