February: The month of illnesses, inconsistent weather and…love I guess

After I wrote about January last month and the stereotypes that come with the start of the year, such as being unmotivated to complete resolutions, I thought I might as well note down some of the patterns I have seen in February; the coldest month of them all.

So, first it seems impossible to endure February without catching a cold or flu at some point. Calling in sick for work, endless throbbing headaches, noses that won’t stop running and extra sleeping are all common of the February month. As people are not as financially limited as they were in January, people do try to go out and have fun but the weather stands in our way, especially if you are getting smashed. Everyone wants to get drunk, have fun and forget about all the miseries of January after pay day, but catching a cold may be the consequence for some people.

I also feel that February has this very strange weather in which one day may involve blizzard snowing, and the next shining Spring sun. It’s like we get every sort of condition crammed into one, short month; wind, rain, storms, low temperatures, blue skies, fluffy clouds and sunshine. It’s evident that warm weather is coming back gradually, but not before our feet freeze.

Last month I implied that everyone was miserable in January. February is a little different in the sense that we have Valentine’s Day which, I think, is a consumerist and silly tradition which can either make miserable people incredibly happy, or even more miserable, depending on whether society deems them as “alone” or not. If you search the Google image results of ‘February’, this is what you get:


It’s clear that the colours of February are pink and red, and the logo is a heart. It’s like the month is being advertised for something. What I what to know is; why? Why did Valentine’s Day become such an important part of the year that it practically gets it’s own month? Yeah, I get that one-day events such as Christmas and Halloween can kind of take over a month, but Valentine’s Day, in essence, is a day to spend with people you love, to buy them gifts and to appreciate them. However, very similar days like Mother’s and Father’s Day where we also buy gifts, appreciate and spend time with our parents, are not given this much publicity, when they basically have the same principal as Valentine’s. I guess, romantic love is pretty important to some people, and has inspired millions of stories, poems and works of art throughout history. I think, the best argument to make against this is that we shouldn’t only show and tell others that we love them on one day of the year, and should appreciate them throughout the year. We should also appreciate ourselves, because having a partner does not validate your self-worth and I wish more people knew that.

As I mentioned in my post on January, I’m a waitress. I also worked on Valentine’s Day and I noticed that the majority of our customers were romantic couples. Although this is very sweet and all, I just think that Valentine’s Day should include everyone. I would much rather spend a day with all the people I love, rather than just one person. All these couples were sat on individual tables, focusing all the attention on each other, and it actually made the atmosphere quite dull and reserved. The moral of the story is: make sure that you appreciate everyone you love around you and not just your partner, and try to appreciate them all year round as well, not just when corporate industries tell you to.

That brings me onto the finance of February. Obviously January was massively unstable for many people due to the cost of Christmas, but I think that it does start getting better in February as we get the first pay day of the year and nothing really to splash out on, like holidays. This gives us more leeway on central heating to keep us warm, and loving Valentine’s Day gifts for him/her.

February also has the added benefit, or consequence depending on how you see it, of being the shortest month of the year at 28, or 29, days. This means that the time may go very quickly for some individuals, hitting home the whole unaccomplished attitude that was established in January. All of a sudden, it’s almost March and you haven’t done anything progressive or inspirational yet. Where has your New Year’s Resolution gone? Others just want to get the month over with as quickly as possible to get back to sun and Spring. If the months were characters in a play, and February was your least favourite character, you would be very pleased to find out that February has the shortest scene, and endure the moment with excitement.

Then again, as it starts getting dark later in the day, and the puddles begin to fade on the pavement, things may just be looking up and you know that in March things will start getting even better. No more stuffing your face with food and binge watching TV shows because you’ve got no one to spend Valentine’s Day with. No more worrying about how much money you have in your account to get you through the last weeks of the harsh winter. No more staying in on your day off to hibernate in bed. Time to get up, go out, eat, drink, and be merry with…love I guess. Just hope that love continues through March, April, and the rest of the months of the year. Good luck!

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