8 reasons why house parties are so much better than going out

  1. No entry fees


A lot of nightclubs have hefty entry prices, not to mention a long-ass queue to get in. It’s likely that you will have just as awesome a night out at a house party for less money and less time standing outside in the cold.

2. No bouncers

No Entry

Of course bouncers are only there to do their jobs, but a house party means entry for everyone and anything you may have brought with you! I’m not trying to encourage under-age drinking or substance use, however attending house parties means you can bring along your preferred drink of choice, (which was probably on offer at the supermarket) and you don’t have to spend a fortune purchasing it at an over-priced bar.

3. Free (or, at least, cheaper) alcohol


Now, you may be able to sneak a few free drinks from the table full of everyone’s contributions or the host’s stash. However, if not, the drinks that you bring with you are massively cheaper. As opposed to going out, you won’t be utterly horrified by your bank balance the morning after a house party.

4. R.I.P dress code

Suit and Tie

I know that, for us girls, house parties are a case of wearing your nicest, most uncomfortable heels, showing them off when you arrive and then abandoning them to continue the night being cosy and snug barefoot, or in the spare pumps you brought with you. For girls and guys, the lack of a dress code also means wearing the holy grail of casual clothes; comfy and relaxed.

5. Your choice of music


We’ve all been to a club where the DJ just doesn’t create the atmosphere that we want. Whether it be the wrong style or genre of music, repeat of the same songs, or just tunes you can’t dance to or don’t enjoy. Well, worry no more! House parties name everyone as the DJ and anyone can pick the music. Even if the party is divided into people who like listening to rock and people who like R’n’B, you can continue to swap and take turns. Everyone’s happy! Even if a tune is played that everybody hates, it can be changed, unlike at a club where the only thing we can do is clear the dancefloor to try and give the hint to the DJ that the music is stale.

6. Collapsing and sleeping anywhere you like

take your time

This is a very important quality for those “sleepy drunks”. House parties offer safe and comfortable napping areas in which you don’t have to worry about people stealing your stuff or your friends leaving you with no way of getting home. A warm sofa, bed, or even carpeted stairs, are so much more appealing than cold, hard, sick-covered club floors or bathrooms. There’s also less likely to be a kicking out time at a house party so sleeping over until the morning and sobering up is also very useful if you don’t have the capacity to get home by your drunken self.

7. Food!

tuna sandwich

If you’re not a “sleepy drunk”, you might just be a “hungry drunk” in which you crave food. Whether you bring your own snacks, or sneakingly eat out of the host’s fridge, there’s no rules against eating at a house party. Whereas, bouncers might just confiscate any food you try to swipe past them in a nightclub. The food will also be of high-quality, compared to the greasy kebabs you purchase on the way home from the club because you feel like you’re going to die of starvation.

8. Having a good old conversation


The music at house parties is definitely not as loud as nightclub tunes which allows everybody to catch up, laugh, judge people, start arguments, and generally interact; all that human stuff. In nightclubs, the only place you can really have a proper conversation is in the toilet, which, let’s be honest, isn’t the most charming place. Whether this is a positive or negative aspect of house parties depends on whether you’re a talkative, sociable person or whether you just like dancing all night in near-darkness, losing all sense of hearing and communicating. Talking of darkness, having a house party means there is none of those lighting issues meaning we can not only talk to and hear our friends, but we can see them too! No more wondering whether someone is good-looking, no more dark, indistinctive Snapchat stories, no more blurry photos. Good lighting equals good quality photos and being able to have conversations, which also makes it easier to meet new people.

Now, I’m not trying to cover up the flaws of house parties, and I’m not saying that they are always completely safe. It’s a known fact that they can get out of control and dangerous, and we’ve all been to that one completely dull and boring house party. However, as long as you only invite people you know and trust to house parties, and let the music roll with whatever people want to play, you’ll be fine. (P.S – Always ask parent’s permission.)

All images from FreeImages.com and Pixabay.com

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