Little Mix – Glory Days Album Review

Everything about this album is centered around love. Even the break-up songs show how love and relationships are not always a walk in the park and it is so realistic. The feelings Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Jesy are creating in their music are so genuine and relatable which makes sense with how popular Little Mix have become over the last year. Relationships are a broad subject but the group still manage to home in on so many sub-themes such as cheating, sex, passion, dominance, and acceptance and not one song felt out of place.

I actually found it very refreshing that the girls produce an album like this. The majority of Little Mix’s music up until now have mostly been about confidence, power, and finding your individuality but I guess that shows how the girls have grown and matured. It’s clear they have the experience to craft songs from their past relationships and have the confidence they may not have had a few years ago to really own it. It feels less focused on themselves and on their journey, and more focused on the concept of love and the atmosphere created by multiple different relationships which expresses the universal feelings we can all relate to. The girls have grown massively and are coming to the age of experimenting and dabbling with their own hearts.

“nothing else matters like love”
Glory Days, Track 12

The album itself is stunning and is full of warm colours obviously representing the themes. The photos show off the group’s strength, friendship, confidence, maturity and so much more. I think that it’s also important that the photos used on the album cover show the group outside because I just think it shows how free and wild they are, and how far they’ve come from the teenagers they started out as.

One of the group’s most famous songs begins the album. Shout Out To My Ex is fresh and new and is extremely catchy and easy to enjoy. It has become something of a break up anthem and everyone and anyone can easily relate. The music makes audiences want to scream out and join in because everybody has an ex. It did radiate with me personally as I think it would with anyone and it doesn’t feel angry or vengeful. When you listen to this song the main message is of peace and closure and finally getting over a bad period of your life and getting past that. After Perrie went through such a public break up with former One Direction member Zayn Malik, I can see that people fell in love with the group even more after realising through this song how ordinary and human the girls are. Shout Out To My Ex shows that everyone goes through heart break and everyone comes out the other side.

Another big hit was Touch which I believe went even more global because it is so catchy. The music video for Touch captured the seductive, passionate vibe the girls wanted to show their fans and it felt like a new sound the group were exploring. The song appears more mature and sexy and it has such a great beat and rhythm. After a few listens, the song can become repetitive or irritating, but you can not deny how amazing the riffs and harmonies are. Additionally, the positive feelings of passion and sex are presented with accurate and descriptive lyrics. I really like how the girl’s have created songs from so many different aspects of love. To go from Shout Out To My Ex to this is so cool, and is a smart way of showing the different stages of a relationship.

Then we have my favourite song from the album which is F.U. I desperately wished the girls had made this a single because I really connected with the words, and the melody I just think is fantastic. The song sounds traditional and almost old-fashioned which breaks up the album even more and keeps things different and unique. When you listen to this song it’s like it should have been released years ago because the music feels like an old classic from the 60’s. I just think this song is incredible and the girls do an amazing job reaching all of the best notes. Their vocals each shine individually and yet they create a beautiful song collectively. The group’s voices sound so grown-up and sophisticated that it is hard to imagine the girl’s as just in their twenties. There is so much more I could say about this song, but most importantly I think that the message offers a platform for frustration and anger towards someone who is not treating you right. The power and strength radiating from the lyrics is the reason this tune is my favourite.


Charlie Puth features in Oops and brings something different to the album. Oops feels really cheeky and fun, and represents that young, free and single period of life. The music and lyrics are so simple and yet feel fresh and exciting. It is one of the most catchy and memorable songs on the album by far. You Gotta Not continues the cheekiness and I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed listening to it. Every song on this album takes the atmosphere somewhere else entirely and You Gotta Not is no exception. Again, I related to this tune a lot as it describes meeting a useless bloke, who doesn’t have a job and still asks his mum for money. I think this is something most girls have experienced and the song is so funny in that it confronts useless guys everywhere to get their life together. It’s another demonstration of how much the group have grown up and how they’re done with boys who are not yet men. I love that the girls included this song because I wanted to scream it at all the guys I’ve met who didn’t have a car!

Down & Dirty is another sexy song but I think what sets it apart from the songs so far is that it’s got a hot beat. The lyrics may not be the best but it will turn-up any party you’ve got going on. To complement the song before, Power is next and I feel like I have a very odd relationship with this song. Like Down & Dirty it’s got the beat, the hook, the similar chorus and it’s actually coming out in the form of a single, as announced by the girls, so I think this song is going to blow up everywhere. I actually really liked the Stormzy remix because I felt his rap made the song better and I’m gutted it wasn’t included on the album. However, I just hate the motorbike bit which is basically a section of a repeat of the word motorbike which is played twice. I think it’s stupid and I cringe every time I listen to it. I try and pretend it’s not part of the song. The girls obviously liked the idea but I just don’t think it showcases the amount of talent the group can actually demonstrate. That being said, the song as a whole is catchy and it does have a strong message.

I’ll stop being so picky for a bit and talk about my favourite moment in the whole album and that is Leigh-Anne’s vocals when she sings the bridge in Your Love. Oh my god, I didn’t even know there were notes that exist that high and I’m still convinced they are impossible. Not to take away from the fact that all of the girls sounded amazing throughout this song and that’s basically what I am in awe at when I listen to it. I also think the lyrics are probably the most romantic and poetic in the whole album. Nobody Like You is also very emotional and full of passion as it continues to present the more warming, comforting sides to love. Listening to this song is almost heart-breaking.


Then we have No More Sad Songs which is another hit that has been popular. I’m annoyed Machine Gun Kelly isn’t featured on the track on the album because I love his rap, but the song still re-ignites messages of peace, acceptance and getting over a hard period of your life. I think No More Sad Songs can be belted out from anyone and we can all feel like we are lifting a weight from our shoulders. It also demonstrates all of the girl’s individual vocal strengths and brings them together to mesh into something really raw and genuine. Private Show goes hand in hand with Power and most importantly Down & Dirty because they have the same sounds, impact and the same great beats. With the group mostly singing about confidence and heart ache, it’s great to hear so many sexy and saucy tracks on this album. The thing that sets Private Show apart is that it’s more cheeky and funky, and it feels really straight-forward and blunt, representing the girl’s attitude towards singing about sex which is refreshing.

I always feel the last song on the album gets the least amount of listens and attention but the more I listen to Nothing Else Matters the more I think about how it perfectly concludes Glory Days. When love creates such tragedy and heart break, I think it’s important that the girls show that they have made their peace with their hearts, their relationships and love in general and believe, despite all of the bad times, love matters and is inevitable in life. It’s a short, sweet climax that shows, after you’ve made your shout out to your ex, love does take presidence and will always come back.

The group have done so well with this album and have released so many singles, remixes and collaborations with other artists. I’ve found that it’s difficult to review songs that have been so popular worldwide and have made such a big impact, but I’ve finally done it and I’ve loved listening to Little Mix grow with their music. I never thought this album would be so full of love and sex but it’s executed so well and feels real. The group sound and appear like they have finally become secure and confident enough to make this album. Glory Days takes Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Jesy out of the spotlight because they no longer need the self-reflection, or the self-motivation they have shown from previous singles and albums, and they can now draw from external relationships in their life and it’s beautiful to watch.


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