5 Songs that NEED to stop being played on the radio right now – January 2018 Edition

A new series I’m hoping to keep up with; Songs that NEED to stop being played on the radio/TV/public spaces/being recommended for me on Youtube. This is the January 2018 edition meaning I’d rather these tracks stay out of the radio waves next month. I’m not sure how I’m going to continue doing this for the rest of the year because I’m flying to Australia next week but hey, ho…let’s get on with it.

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If you know me, you know I love music so don’t think this is me hating on your favourite tunes. The majority of the reasons I don’t ever want to hear these songs again is because they have been overplayed so much on the radio. Using my car every single day means the radio is sometimes all I have to keep me from going into a traffic brain coma and sometimes I just want something old or new; rather than something that is big right now that everybody is listening to. I guess that’s where my desire to be different shows itself.

(Quick side note: I live in the UK so if you haven’t encountered this list on too many occasions, count yourself lucky you live far enough away from the UK Top 40.)

#1 P!NK- What About Us/Beautiful Traumapink

So I have included two songs for number 1; the reason being because I can’t actually tell the two of them apart when I listen to them. I appreciate P!NK as a really influential and talented artist who has managed to evolve over time, since her start up back in the late 90’s, and has still remained super popular and genuine.

I understand there is a lot of meaning to the lyrics, but due to their repetitiveness, slow pace and that they sound exactly the same, I would like these songs turned off for now.

#2 Selena Gomez + Marshmello – Wolves

Now, I have always loved Selena’s music and was really excited to hear she was releasing new stuff after last year was so crazy for her. However, I have also felt a loss of connection with her most recent collaboration hits, for example We Don’t Talk Anymore which she recorded with Charlie Puth. I understand the reason for Selena’s success in the collaborations is because her raspy, soft voice fits with that of house and club music.

However, I struggle to hear that Selena’s heart is in the words when there are these heavy beats over her. Although the sound could be good on a night out, the tune can get annoying when listened to for the 1000th time.

#3 Rita Ora – Anywhere

Rita Ora is another artist who I really enjoy listening to and her voice sometimes blows me away with it’s strength. However, her new song feels very different to her regular style and feels too high and exagerated. Although I’ve always normally raved about her music, this track didn’t feel special to me.

Similarly to many overplayed songs, the beats could be great in the right environment, but if I hear that trap music one more time in the day, I’m getting a tape deck installed in my car.

#4 Ed Sheeran – Perfect

I know I’m probably going to get hated on for saying this but this song needs to be stopped. It was released a year ago and is somehow still being played. I think this is the type of song you like for a while but it’s a short and sweet obsession. We don’t need to have it played again on every radio station. The album has been listened to and has broken records; let it rest.

The situation got even worse when Beyonce got involved. Her voice does sound absolutely amazing on their collaborated version of this song, but I actually don’t feel like it adds anything new to the meaning or the story. Also, whether the two voices flow or blend together very well is something I can’t make up my mind about.

#5 How Long – Charlie Puth

Last but not least; Charlie Puth has a really distinctive voice. So sometimes this tune does feel similar to his previous hit, Attention, and it has got similar messages, beats and pauses. Charlie Puth is doing so brilliantly making a worldwide name for himself but I feel like I have heard that title line a trillion times and once it’s in my head, I feel like I want to hit something.

In all honesty, for Charlie Puth, and all of the others on this list actually, I’d rather listen to some of their dated songs and some which are older and maybe different to what you would normally get on the radio or TV right now.

Obviously, this is all for fun and even having music this popular means these artists are doing way better than most. If you love one or more of these tracks you are in luck because they are on repeat for most of the day. Try Capital or Kiss FM!

What are your 5 songs which you want to leave behind next month? Let me know in the comments or by tweeting me!  All comments welcome! (accept Camila Cabello’s Havana because that track is LIT.)

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