You know you’re old when your favourite thing about Amsterdam is the public transport 😋

So, I find myself writing this post because of two unforeseeable events that happened to me:

  1. My best friend had a spontaneous craving to go away for her 21st birthday.
  2. Earlier this year I finally finished editing a travel video using footage I filmed whilst journeying up the side of Queensland in Australia.

The thing is that I loved making my first travel video so much that when I was asked to go to Amsterdam with two of my best friends I thought maybe I should take my camera and see what happens.

It’s telling that I was even available (or had the money) to jet off to Holland with a couple weeks notice – I don’t have a life or any responsibilities so it was a simple Yes for me! One of my 2018 new years resolutions was to say Yes to more things. Probably the only new years resolution I have stuck to.

Having been raised in Bristol in the UK which prides itself on being a “cycling city” and promoting time and energy into creating more cycle paths and bike hire start ups, I can say it’s nothing compared to the bikes in Amsterdam.

First of all, Holland’s land is mostly flat so it’s an easy green light to bike rides and, with the streets flooded with tourists, it’s faster to get around on two wheels rather than four.

Unless you’re lucky and live in a city where there is reasonably good public transport, you will understand the appreciation I had for the numerous means provided to get around Amsterdam. I am actually still a bit blown away by how many options there were; we had trains, trams, buses, boats and the metro at our disposal.

I think for most people, you’re lucky to catch the bus on time in the UK. In Bristol, our main train station, bus station and airport are no where near each other which is ridiculous, and is also probably why we have such a major traffic issue.

When we landed in Holland it was a different story. We didn’t even have to leave the Schiphol airport because the train station was inside the building. Another highlight was the free ferry that took us across the river from Amsterdam central station to Buiksloterweg to visit the A’Dam Lookout. The boat is constantly transporting people and bikes and takes almost no time at all. Even the people are massively efficient at embarking and disembarking so quickly. (There is actually a clip of us waiting on the ferry as it moves across the river at 1:36 in the video below.)

Maybe I’m sad for praising the public transport but I don’t care because it was awesome. I almost thought, if I lived in Amsterdam, I would have trouble deciding on which mode of transport to choose.

As much as I’d love to talk about buses and trains all day, moving on to the video…

Being a girl’s weekend away, we spent a lot of time just relaxing and didn’t feel the need to see absolutely all of the touristy sites. However we did manage to visit the Nemo Science Museum, the This is Holland virtual flight experience and the A’dam Lookout (including Europe’s Highest Swing). I would definitely recommend the swing as it’s such a cool way to look out over the city, however I gave it a miss. There are not many things I feel I would refuse to do, but heights is just one of those things for me.

We also went to the notorious sex museum which was strange to say the least, and went on an amazing cheese and wine tour. There was unlimited wine and the beautiful evening views of the city. The thing I wasn’t expecting about Amsterdam was how romantic it felt. This was probably due to the endless amounts of rivers and cute cobbled streets and bridges.

Hanging out with two great friends on holiday made this travel video a bit different to my last. I hope the clips reflect how much laughing we all did and how fun it was. Whilst there are less clips of the tourist sites, maybe it shows a more realistic view of what actually happens on a girls trip.

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