Weekly Music Roundup – 19-26 Oct 2018

Firstly, does anyone remember Cher Lloyd?

I only ask because the singer came out with a surprise new single just a week ago (Oct 19th). The chilled-out new record is called “None Of My Business” and it’s actually quite good. The genre suits her voice and it’s really catchy but the music video is a bit meh in my opinion. The greatness of the song would also depend on whether you like songs sung from the point of view of someone acting like they don’t care when they actually are really interested and jealous. I normally don’t enjoy those types of songs, like gurl if you don’t care about your ex that much then why write a whole song about them?

But I think I’m making an exception this one time because Cher Lloyd seems to speak as though she knows this man is going to come running back to her so she just tries to stay out of it and not get involved. The song is ferociously confident.


We’ve been waiting for it all summer and it’s finally here! Lauren performed “Expectations” several times whilst on tour supporting Halsey and I don’t think I would have been happy if she had released any other song for her first debut single. “Expectations” encompasses everything that Lauren stands for. It’s got her feistiness running through the song and her voice is perfect for the tone and the genre of music. She’s got so much power behind her vocals and the lyrics are also so meaningful and relatable.

I recommend you watch the Lyrics & Meaning video Lauren did with Genius for this song. The video is unlike any of the other lyric videos for Genius I have seen because Lauren doesn’t explain what the specific words or lines in the song mean. Instead, she kind of just talks about the song in a more general way and discusses small moments instead. Lauren also sang pretty much the entire song acapella in the video which I don’t think you’re meant to do but it was amazing. She just hit it so hard and has got courage.

The music video, the music video, the music video. 👏 Watch it, watch it , watch it.

It’s really, really good and nothing I think any of us expected (no pun intended). I guess with a song like this where it feels directed at someone, we do expect to see a man in the music video to have something for Lauren to interact with. However, Lauren, being someone so in tune with who she is and her emotions, was not going to pass the opportunity to be in the spotlight and so she let everyone know that this is a song about herself and her feelings.

In the video, Lauren duplicates herself and it’s not until the end that we realise that the whole story represents the death of her innocence. With one version of herself in a white dress and shown running away (trying to keep her innocence alive), another version of Lauren is dressed in a really bad-ass black leather outfit and actually ends up killing the white-dressed version of herself. Lauren has grown up into adulthood, realised the importance of communication and respect and shows her journey in a very artistic way, with the last few lines directed at herself. “I expect, you expect, we expect,” Then, splattered with blood, she holds a white dove in her hand which confirms the whole analogy further.

She also does a really sexy dance routine that’s so simple but it will take your breath away.

I know I’m a Fifth Harmony nut-head but since we’re talking about it.

Normani has slayed and killed us…

I love it when members of Fifth Harmony release stuff around the same time! ❤

“Checklist” is a song that should be longer because it’s sad when it ends.

Normani has teamed up with Calvin Harris which is crazy and their song is just bangin’. It’s really, really special and unique and Normani’s vocals are off the chart because she keeps it so fast, raspy and on-point. It’s almost like gurrrl how do you do that?

The lyrics and tune are so out of this world that it’s like wait, is this what is next? It’s a “your kids are gonna love it” moment for sure.

Normani and Calvin Harris have also released a second track called “Slow Down” but it’s definitely not as fresh as “Checklist” so I have yet to really connect with the song. Anyone else super excited for Normani? She’s going to be massive and she’ll be collaborating with multiple artists for sure.

OK, so if we have to talk about “Woman Like Me”:

Am I allowed to say that I didn’t think the music video was that great? (strike me down ⚡)

The music video for Little Mix’s next single for their upcoming fifth album (OMG I can’t believe they’re on the fifth one) was released last night at midnight, and I guess the suspense created big expectations for me because I didn’t feel like the video was all that.

Maybe I just didn’t enjoy it as much as their other music videos- can anyone else agree?

I absolutely love the song but I feel like the group can only release so many generic videos and I guess I think they should switch it up and do something a bit more unique. I thought the “Woman Like Me” video was just trying a bit too hard – there are so many different scenes, outfits and scenarios that it’s really difficult to keep up and even get any reaction or meanings from the imagery because it’s all going to fast and too hard.

I feel like Little Mix should have maybe dialed it down a little bit for this video. Their most popular videos have been when the girls, individually or together, go on a journey and there’s a real story to it but this video just felt a bit messy to be honest.

I also thought the group were maybe going to have a proper dance routine somewhere because the chorus is really perfect for something simple that grabs our attention, but they didn’t do that. Nicki Minaj’s part was really good so I can’t fault that  but otherwise most of the scenarios didn’t really have any substance.

I loved the scenes with the group in some sort of transport van as though they were criminals because that is unique and interests me. There was also some dancing and movement in chairs which was good but otherwise most of the different scenes had no meaning of energy behind them.

I’m not all negative though because, as I said, I love the song a lot, and I’m super looking forward to when the group perform the track on X Factor this Sunday because I know they are just going to smash it. All of their performances on X Factor have been talked about so much and they really give their all to their dance routines and vocals so I can’t wait!

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