My new E-book is available to pre-order NOW!

I am super excited to announce my first e-book “Wherever We Are – Part One” is now available to order on Amazon from the link below:


πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Scroll down to read a description of the story πŸ‘‡

I have been working on this project solidly for the past couple of months and I’m so glad I can finally share it with you guys!!

Part Two is going to be released on Jan 14th and Part Three will be released on Jan 31st (plus on Jan 31st a paperback of all three parts will be released on Amazon!)
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  Alexa is a sensible young girl who enjoys her simple village life on New Earth. Despite recently ending a relationship which was meant to lead her down a different path, she latches onto the security of her village and vows never to leave.
However, when a spaceship falls out of the sky, Alexa will need to confront more than just the lie her people have believed for one hundred and twenty years.
As her world spins frantically, sending her in an unexpected direction, Alexa will have to choose between the safety of village life, and succumbing to the adventurous tug in her stomach pulling her closer to the man from the spaceship, and towards so much more.

  “Wherever We Are” is a romantic, science-fiction story of self-discovery and growth, following one woman’s journey to places unknown, as she ventures to the scary outside world beyond her village as well as tackling the overwhelming emotions bubbling up in her heart.
Can she find relief to the longing inside her, and maybe even find love?

Hi, my name is Evie and I have been writing on the internet since I was a teenager.

I like to write about a ton of stuff from TV, music, lifestyle and travel, to fiction stories and poems. I also have a slightly unhealthy obsession with The Greatest Showman. I hope you enjoy my little slice of the internet πŸ–€ Xx


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