EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peak of my new E-Book “Wherever We Are – Part One”

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As the older man turned around his eyes met mine and he started forwards. He had spotted me.
In shock, I stepped backwards quickly and caught my heel on a tree root. I flew through the air and my back landed hard on the forest floor. A hot pain shot across my spine and I moaned. I could hear movement from the clearing but before I could crawl further away the figures were in front of me. I used my arms to pull myself up a little and rested on my elbows.
            Looking up, I was surrounded. They had me, I thought. I convinced myself I was going to die right there, in the dirt of the valley I shouldn’t have entered.
            The older man who had seen me held something in his hands and he lifted it up as if to point it at me. The younger figure standing next to him jumped slightly.
            “Woah,” he reacted, but his word trailed off from a statement into a whisper.
            Looking up at the man in front of me, I noticed a long, jagged scar across his face, spreading from his nose to his chin on the right side. My mouth gawped open in fear and shock and it felt like my lungs were emptying, as if to prepare for my death.
            I stared at the object the man still had aimed at me and my heart stopped. It was a gun. I couldn’t be sure but my instincts were boiling up. The black metal exterior, the bottomless barrel staring into my soul, the reactions from the other figures – I was almost certain of it.
            How did he get one? How could anyone manufacture something like that here? Those types of weapons were banned severely.
            Then it hit me and spots began to cloud my vision in panic as I realised what was happening. It was impossible. How could they be? There was no one left.
            Questions drowned me but there was no mistaking the signs right in front of me. The people who had crashed in the valley were not from here.
            They were from Old Earth.

Hi, I’m Evie and I like to write about a ton of stuff from TV, music, lifestyle and travel, to fiction stories and poems. Basically, if it can be written – I am there. I hope you enjoy my little slice of the internet.  Xx

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