EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peak of “Wherever We Are – Part Two”

Part Two of “Wherever We Are” is out on Amazon on 14th January 2019!

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When I first met Hatch he used to tell me about his notorious trips to The Centre. He used to talk about the swerving steep paths riddled with rocks and craters, and how he used to watch the sunset from the main road, and about the two mountains.
            He never grew up in the village like me or Mason did, but was born in a little community outside of The Centre. As he was growing up, he took a training job to become a transport officer and began travelling to different places, learning the trade. He always said that when he eventually set eyes on my village, he was hooked and knew it was where he wanted to be. At that time we were both young, and maybe we were even in love, so I used to argue that he was only drawn to the place because of me. Clearly, that wasnโ€™t true and it made me laugh to look back on. Hatch loved my village so much, so he decided to move and live with us after his training had finished, and he replaced our transport officer who had decided to move on.
            From what Hatch told me about his village, it was a lot larger than mine and was always packed with people, coming and going. He said walking into my village was like walking through a sheet of peace and relaxation. He admired those things in my village which he had never had in his own, and I guess I felt the same way about him.
            Hatch had been a traveller and an adventurer. He was exotic and young and different and everything my village was not, and he was friendly. I think most young girls would have fancied him because he was foreign and maybe I did too, I just didnโ€™t know it. It was like I was lying to everyone and myself, saying I had no interest in the outside world, when maybe I always had that little urge deep down inside of me.
            At the time, I just told myself I was falling for Hatchโ€™s humour, and his never-ending goofiness. Me and him used to sneak down past the farm to the big, green field, which sometimes sprouted flowers, and lie in the grass kissing. Sometimes Mason would join us and me and Hatch had to discreetly clutch hands behind our backs so as not to confirm anyoneโ€™s suspicions about us. Those times were so childish, and trivial, and simple.
            Like most instances of young love, the romance blew away and our friendship remained. Hatch still made me laugh and I knew he was there for me no matter what. Me, Hatch and Mason were inseparable at one point and Hatch was actually the one who convinced me to move in with Mason. I guess he thought it would make me happy, and it was someยญthing he couldnโ€™t give me himself. Neither of us expected it to turn out like it did.

Hi, Iโ€™m Evie and I like to write about a ton of stuff from TV, music, lifestyle and travel, to fiction stories and poems. Basically, if it can be written โ€“ I am there. I hope you enjoy my little slice of the internet.  Xx


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