My e-book “Wherever We Are – Part One” is FREE to download for TODAY ONLY!

I’m super excited to announce that MY E-BOOK “WHEREVER WE ARE – PART ONE” IS FREE ON AMAZON KINDLE FOR 1 DAY ONLY!! Order before 8am Thurs 10th Jan to read for free!

>>> Click the link below and click Buy Now to take advantage of this opportunity >>> Part One is very short and takes about 30 minutes to read and is very easy to download. It is free to download for TODAY ONLY!…/…/ref=sr_1_2…

“Wherever We Are” is a romantic, science-fiction story of self-discovery and growth, following one woman’s journey to places unknown, as she ventures to the scary outside world beyond her village as well as tackling the overwhelming emotions bubbling up in her heart.
      Can she find relief to the longing inside her, and maybe even find love? 

“Wherever We Are” is being released in three installments as e-books and the full paperback novel which will include all three parts will be released on Amazon on 31st Jan 2019.

Part Two is available to pre-order right now! >>>

I would very much appreciate if you could download the first installment of this story today and I’ve made a list of simple things you can do that would greatly benefit my freelance writing business and would be a huge support to me…

✅ Click the link below and click Buy Now to take advantage of this free offer. It’s really that easy.…/…/ref=sr_1_2…

✅ Read it! – (Download the Kindle app if you don’t have it on your phone already.) “Wherever We Are – Part One” is actually the shortest part of the story and takes about 30 minutes to read. Amazon knows how many pages have been read by the people who have downloaded my book so the longer you can stay awake whilst reading, the better! 😜 If you’re a slow reader, or are just not interested in the story, reading a few pages would still be really helpful! Every little helps!

✅ Review!! – Reviews are so, so, so important for new writers. Amazon will ask you to review the e-book once you have finished reading and
I would very much appreciate if you could take a minute or two to give the story a rating and your honest opinions. I really love honest reviews. If you found it boring and crap, please give your true opinion. Any review is a good review as it helps emerging writers like myself crawl up the search terms in our genre.

✅ Share!! – I would love it if you shared and recommended this free deal to anyone you think would be interested in this story (especially if you know avid readers and/or people who are interested in romance/science fiction novels). If the story is not for you, please recommend “Wherever We Are” to people you think would be intrigued.

If you feel amazing, please like my Facebook page. I’m also on Instagram @eviemtaylor and Tumblr @eviemtaylor

Hi, I’m Evie and I have been writing online since I was a teenager. I write about a host of different things including TV, film, music, travel, fiction and poetry. A few months ago I made the scary decision to quit my full-time job and pursue freelance writing.

It’s been a bumpy period of my life but I have been working with my first few clients and earlier this month I released my first e-book “Wherever We Are – Part One”.

Take advantage of the free first installment right now!

Much love,

Evie x


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