by Evie Taylor

Wherever We Are is a romance, science-fiction novel set in the future.
📚 One hundred and twenty years after the human race travelled across the stars in search for a new home, Alexa, a sensible young girl from a small village on New Earth, will find her life flipped upside down when a spaceship falls from the sky. Alexa will be torn between staying in her safe and comfortable village and reaching out to the group of strangers from the ship, but what she finds may change the course of humanity forever.Surprising herself and the people around her, Alexa will discover her own sense of exploration, ambition and discovery when she takes the giant leap towards the outside world. In doing so, she will also discover new emotions bubbling up inside her heart after an unexpected connection occurs between her and Wayne, one of the crew members from the ship. Can Alexa find relief to her longing for adventure, and maybe even find love?

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This story is also available in three smaller e-books…

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