Merlin Re-Watch: Series 3

I am so excited to start writing about Series 3 because it was always my favourite season. I'm not sure if this is still true because every series has aspects that make it brilliant in it's own way but Series 3 just felt like it brought the intensity to the next level when I first watched... Continue Reading →

Merlin Re-Watch: Series 2

I always thought that Series 2 of BBC's Merlin was very similar to the first season and predominantly developed the characters and the plot that had already been set up in Series 1 and, after re-watching, I've learned that it does this so extraordinarily. There is no drastic changes, unless you count the events of... Continue Reading →

Merlin Re-Watch: Series 1

BBC One's Merlin was one of my first television loves and will always be important to me. I feel that the more you're passionate about something, the more you criticise it because you long for it to live up to the perfection that you have envisioned it as being. Therefore, it's not that I think that Merlin is,... Continue Reading →

The Tomorrow People (2013-2014): The Loose Ends

Contains Spoilers The Tomorrow People, yet another sci-fi show based on the 1973 British show of the same name and following genetically mutated ‘homosuperiors’ with paranormal powers, has unreasonably been canceled. After a shaky and messy first half of the season, the show’s writers upped their game, improved the storyline incredibly and presented one of... Continue Reading →

Dark Angel (2000-2002): The Loose Ends

Contains Spoilers The Dark Angel season 2 finale left us with more questions than when it started…Do the transgenics ever find equality in the dystopian future? Do Max and Logan find a cure to their no-touching-or-you’ll-die virus? Do they EVER find out what Sandeman and the Conclave Breeding Cult were planning? With some characters and concepts... Continue Reading →

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