Merlin Re-Watch: Series 4

Whilst re-watching this season, I've realised that Series 4 was the first time I watched the show as it aired. I watched Series 1 to 3 all in one go whilst waiting for Series 4 to be shown on BBC One, and I remember being so incredibly excited to watch the fourth season live and weekly.... Continue Reading →

Merlin Re-Watch: Series 3

I am so excited to start writing about Series 3 because it was always my favourite season. I'm not sure if this is still true because every series has aspects that make it brilliant in it's own way but Series 3 just felt like it brought the intensity to the next level when I first watched... Continue Reading →

Merlin Re-Watch: Series 2

I always thought that Series 2 of BBC's Merlin was very similar to the first season and predominantly developed the characters and the plot that had already been set up in Series 1 and, after re-watching, I've learned that it does this so extraordinarily. There is no drastic changes, unless you count the events of... Continue Reading →

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